FEATURING SCENES FROM THE FILM – The documentary VICTORS is now in post production.


a story of victors

Edja Foundation's fight against sexual violence in rural Uganda is an inspirational story for the world to witness through this powerful film.


Faced with unique and harrowing obstacles in communities heavily impacted by HIV/AIDS and without prior infrastructure to support sexual assault victims, Edja continues. It’s clear that there is an even greater need for support in prevention, emergency medical treatment, counseling and legal advocacy.


With much to overcome, Edja is leading a new conversation in Uganda. One that resonates with the world.

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More About the EDJA Program




Combating Child abuse, Sexual Assault & Domestic violence in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Edja Foundation envisions a society where every woman and child is safe and protected from abuse.

Establish coalitions of advocates for victors and enforce prevention measures providing medical, legal, counseling and outreach services.




In Uganda, an area of economic poverty, survivors of sexual assault are more at risk of STDs, pregnancy, and HIV/AIDS of which preventative treatment costs are the equivalent of $5.00. Your contributions ensure that each survivor receives a rape exam and the subsequent treatments needed.

Victims pay the police to transport the perpetrators. This cost is $12 – half a months wage. Due to police corruption, most perpetrators bribe persons of various establishments to get out of jail. Your donations large or small make a difference by bridging the gap of accountability through supporting a vetted legal advocate to ensure that justice is served.

One survivor of rape attempted suicide twice due to the trauma and stigma that’s associated with it. Your donations ensure recovery through professional in-home counseling for a private outlet, while equipping survivors with resources to cope and hope to overcome.




Partners in this film

This film follows the origin of the Edja Program of Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project, the cornerstone NGO in Western Uganda.


We encourage you to learn more about the amazing work that both organizations are doing.


The Nyaka project supports over 60,000 orphans and vulnerable children, providing education, food, healthcare and homes as they ascend to become learned young adults and professionals.


Survivors are often shunned, shamed and taunted by some in the community who infer that the survivor wanted the abuse. Your donations educate the community about female rights and the consequences of assault through radio broadcast, workshops and local gatherings.

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- a story of victors -

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